About Us

Church Art is a unit of Lokenath Engineering, Kolkata, engaged in designing, manufacturing various items required in churches and place of workship under patronage, guidance, love and support of different Arch-Bishops, Bishops, Priest and Nuns from all over India and abroad.

Church Art is also engaged in inculturating art according to place in the churches keeping in mind the basic guidelines of cannon law. We do also keep the symbol of style and class keeping in mind the prayerful atmosphere of the place.

Apart from this, we are in designing murals and sculptures to be used in the school for grooming the mind of the tender ones, thereby helping them to become more creative and express their inner feelings. Art is asthetics, and art helps in creating and forming creative minds, so parallel to academic system art plays an important role in life of people and on society. So through this we try to express positive effect on our products.

We not only make mould but we help in moulding creative minds.

As we provide wide range of products, our continous product development and willingness to stretch the boundaries of design enable us to meet special customized requirements, so we also welcome your suggestions and feedback at: